Plagiarism Is Discouraged

It seems frank enough, too frank
In fact, but have you seen what pilings
Pain the earth and strain to present
The edifice complete with some beauty
Un-clinical, remindful to a limit
Of a limitlessness I can take and smile
Wry about born that way but with a courtesy
Not to drown the uninitiated in the footings of thought,
To force you to feel it
Hence a fair warning:  Deconstruct, mine
And mind my pilings knowing the risks
A drool bucket at Butner being the least of them.
Truly, stick to the surface of my horrors
As my logic intends.
And for God’s sake, do not imitate!
My Brain is not for everyone.
My life is not for everyone.  It
Takes practice.
Give yourself 80 years.

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