Death in Venice (North Carolina)

Boys can be cute but also like
A pit bull’s puppies’ grow and turn.
Will they guard me or attack?
Boys can be cute like a raccoon
I saw in a cage at a sawmill
The trappers used.  I wanted to
Pet it, but mom and dad said “no
Not only do they have razor sharp
Teeth that can tear a dog to shreds
RABIES is a ghastly way to die.”
They explained, adequately I guess.
At least I convulsed.  Still
Boys can be cute.  Could Socrates
Help himself?  Plato said
Ideally.   Socrates?
So easy with that hemlock
It makes me wonder sometimes.
Yes, boys can be cute.  Google
“Stalin as boy,” “Himmler as boy”
Or just your average murderer
Who killed his parents or shot up his school.
Usually rather cute.  Or am I just
Seeing angels where none exists
And never has?  Am I
Being cute—or queer?

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