Civilization and Its Discontents

does what gushy know
on you and me?
could he think it
in a world
of just his own?
if we voted with our feet
a separate be
that left
the thoughts of gushy
all alone…
the cannibal fires
night by night…
would that be enough?
or would he accuse as he accused before
or tell us
“cannibals are the equal of your ways”
proclaiming proudly shackled
as he stewed:
“brothers, make of me
if you please
a meal
but heed this final warning
well and good:
where’er existent
I declare
the eternal cause
of living hell!”

oh, gushy, late
i feel your pain
yesterday my car
was repossessed
but to hell with making
repast for a tribe
i’m burning rome
with nero
as I write.

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