the bubblegum nazi (for sylvia plath)

forge a trail into the wood
no map, by sight to go
bough says to the bramble
they will not make it far.

keep our course by stream & swamp
up a river bluff,
keep our course by auto-hope
thru several shades of doubt.

come upon a copse of pine,
a gentle snow of straw &
now as then the happiness
isolation grow

place beyond commercial
place above our flaw
flaw as our perfection
place immune to judge.

a frontier, our frontier!
a patch of dapple light
a frontier, a frontier!
to stake our claim on life.

survey in our eyes at first—
hers a depthless blue,
infinite sweet horizon,
apples breathing low

mine are celtic brown she says
so weary sad—and why?
she prys an orbit wider
i ask her what is there.

her index pokes the canthus
her smile is faintly wry
“paradise in ashes
oh what did sherman kill!”

“my turn now…”
(i make the same dumb show)
“oh, deep & deep & deeper
yours are stormy too.

i just survive Atlanta, you
the Dresden dead
in us, my blue-eyed angel
resides a common debt

a toll as death can urge on us
this duty, flesh to flesh,
to make the Fuhrer’s destiny
consummate at last!”

she casts a wary glance at me
as on the verge of doom
but I beat her to the question
of what about the jews?

“the brains of our Confederacy!
tell europe o’er & o’er
our love of Judah Benjamin
trumps trotsky evermore!”

“oh true! one genius brave on our behalf
(like few that russia bore)
but then I quake what frenzies
our living space endure.”

“you need not fret my love
rome’s salutes are not my thing
no, this invasion will commence
as Frankie Valli sings.”

“oh, yes! oh, yes! oh, yes! ah, my!!!
you’re mighty quick today!
and pretty good at doing this
while talking sort of strange.”

“resolve–uh, ah!–this bed of straw
from land to greening land
and from this plot to lebensraum
may baby nazis grow!”

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