Nothing like a Celt

Jew with a drinking problem
Aryan too

Long headed, round headed
As you like

Lanky redheaded
Castoff of Europe

Caesar’s pet project:
Exterminandi eos omnes!

But no beef with Italians
Angles or Jutes

To tend his mere lea
That’s all he asks:

Famine, potatoes
Bards by the bushel

Crystal green dreams
Of freedom a-brewin

Beer & blarney
On Saturday nights

Canton his spirit
Words overflow

Schizophrenic pandemic
Wards on the brink

Nixon, Kennedy
Next off the boat

One too handsome
& Marilyn Monroe

Aryan assassin
Racks his bolt

A new Dying Gaul
For public display

Too white for Jews
Make him more black

And if he objects
Mongrel him out.

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